Raycom Company

Raycom s.r.o., limited liability company, is a dynamically developing business, active on the telecommunications market of the Central European Region. We boast vast experience, acquired since our foundation in 1991 and during our business existence on the market we have become a respected partner in this field. Raycom s.r.o. provides supplies, manufacture and installation of top-quality telecommunication technologies by leading global manufacturers. The company further offers certified professional training and a large sample room/a large showroom in the company headquarters./on company premises.



Raycom s.r.o. was originally established as a CommScope product distributor.


At present we are active on the Czech, Slovak and Polish markets. Our customers are all telecommunications operators in each of these markets.


“To deliver a solution, not only a product." Quality and customer satisfaction are our number one priorities.


Our team comprises of experienced experts with long-term practice in the field. Do not hesitate to address us to find out more about our team >>